Sep 22, 2009

Organizing Firefox

I love to work with tabs in Firefox, I can see all the open sites in one window.
To be able to open more then 5 tabs I'm using the Fviconize option, click here to learn how to do it.
All faviconized tabs represent the site constantly open, other tabs open in regular tab (wide), because its only for a short time, I don't have to faviconize it.

Same idea implement to the bookmarks toolbar, I place there all the icons which are daily used.
The name is deleted, to reduce the space needed for them, right click on the bookmark, properties, delete the content in the "Name" field, save. In this way, 40-50 icons can placed in the toolbar.

I found that the description text of the tabs and the icons is not needed.

The result look like this

If you have an interesting look to your computer desktop or your browser, please share it.
Send a picture to and I will publish them.

Sep 18, 2009

How to create this look

Published in Sep. 6, 2009 as "The clean desktop approach - Computer desktop" in Maintain Yourself 

8 steps to get a Clean Desktop
  1. Delete, shortcuts that not in use, double files, downloaded EXE files already instaled
  2. Unclutter, store all documents, movies, pictures, mp3 file in specific folders, storing in the cloud will give extra benefit, Picasa, Google docs...
  3. Shortcut, create shortcuts for all the programs you need in the "Quick Launch" toolbar
  4. Hide, hide desktop icons, right click on desktop, Arrange Icons By, unsign Show Desktop Icons.
    You can steel use the desktop folder by placing it's shortcut in the quick launch toolbar.
  5. Organize, stretch the taskbar and organize it, you can get a lot of space for all the shortcuts and open items
  6. Hide, choose the "Auto-Hide The Taskbar", right click on the taskbar, properties
  7. Decorate, choose nice photo as a wallpaper for your desktop
  8. Habits, change habits of using your computer
Finley you will get clean desktop similar to this

Enjoy your new Desktop

Sep 17, 2009


I really love to design my desktop according to my mood
From time to time I will publish my desktop look as it is on my computers
Sometime, the look represent my interesting at the time.
Now is my GTD and minimalism era.

Please send your desktop looks to my email, and I will publish them.